Successfully pulling off any major trend while pregnant is nearly impossible. Get ready to improvise.


Maternity clothes seem to be made for the sartorially meek. They don't push boundaries, they aren't fashion forward and they certainly won't turn any heads. Most maternity clothes are super basic: leggings, jeans, extra long tank tops, and comfortable dresses . For the most part, that's fine. Because, when you're carrying around all that extra weight and rocking a growing belly, comfort and practicality are really what's on your mind.

But, inevitably a day will come, when you won't be able to stand the sight of those tatty leggings anymore. You'll yearn for something that's just a little bit special. Something that doesn't make you feel pregnant.

It will be hard to find though and even harder to justify. Knowing you only have a few months at a certain (bigger) size makes it difficult to invest in expensive clothes. We advise, trying to find pieces that will work in the long term and fit even after you've given birth. Recently, we stumbled upon this H&M top and thought it ticked all the right boxes. It's an off-the-shoulder winner in the softest shade of blue. Since it's loose around the middle it has plenty of room for a growing belly but, since it isn't strictly maternity, will still fit post-pregnancy. Did I mention it was $9.99?

Win win.

H&M Top: $17.99 (similar) & Topshop Jeans: $80


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