This week we're focusing on a few of our favorite things that represent both big and little indulgences.

Spending $18 on a magazine could definitely be considered a splurge but, after seeing it featured in countless Instagram photos, we finally caved to the pressure and purchased a copy of Kinfolk magazine. Half expecting it to disappoint, we approached it with caution but are pleased to announce it is pretty great. It oozes a slow pace, with thoughtful articles on off-beat topics that remind the reader to approach life differently. It's light on hard-core fashion but heavy on inspirational quotes from creative individuals. Days after reading, we're still thinking back to the topics it covered and the unique photographic work that feels both wholesome and unique (a close up image of someone's goose bumps made a lasting impression). If you're opposed to shelling out so much for a magazine then head to their website for a peek at the latest content - a lot of the articles are available there for free. 

'You have to go through a complex process to get to simplicity.' Camille Tanoh- Kinfolk Magazine


In terms of wear, the warmer weather is providing us with all the happy feels because we can finally bust out the sandals and sunglasses. Nothing makes us more elated than toes without socks and eyes without mascara. While they may no longer be at the forefront of fashion we're sticking true to our love of Birkenstocks. No other sandal is more comfortable. We like to contrast their laid back hippy vibe with a bit of a glamor kick in the form of oversized Celine sunglasses. If you're feeling a bit blah they're the easiest way to announce that you are, in fact, the epitome of chic... even if bed-head would suggest otherwise. 

Finding a companion that will stand by your side for years is a true accomplishment. We found one in the form of a simple leather wallet from Danish brand Rodtnes. It continues to keep our valuables organized after three consecutive years of use and doesn't look the least bit worn despite being thrown around and squashed daily. 

In other news, we recently discovered Formula X nail polish which makes a mini set of colors designed to suit various skin tones. The range of shades provided us with a simple solution to never being able to choose just one from the huge selection available at the shop. Plus, we never manage to use a whole bottle of polish before it goes goopy and gross so the smaller offering is, in fact, ideal. We can also report that it goes on easily, doesn't streak, and (with two coats) looks salon quality. 

We're making a concerted effort to slow things down and one of the easiest ways to do that is by truly embracing the little pleasures in life. One way we've been doing this recently is by picking fresh flowers while out on walks (maybe not to be done if you live in a city). They're a bit more rugged and unconventional than what you'd find in a shop but there is something soothing about looking upon something you plucked yourself. Our taste buds are also ramping it up a gear thanks to the inclusion of grapefruit in our morning routine. The sour bite they provide works wonders for waking you up and provides a stronger punch than any cup of coffee we've come across. 


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