American Elle, Sophie the giraffe and KalaStyle Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap

New soaps, cleansing face masks and Sophie the giraffe...


With the arrival of spring, we've found ourselves tucking into all sorts of fresh indulgences: new soaps, cleansing face masks, and fresh flowers. We can't get enough of Farmacy's sheet masks. They're a bit tricky to dismantle but once you've got it in place it's a hydration like no other. Our favorite pack is the New Dawn Mask Medley which promises to firm, brighten and fight wrinkles. To be honest, we're a bit skeptical about what these masks can really achieve but we're all for little indulgences and these feel great to put on.

Another recent discovery, is KalaStyle Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap. We were initially drawn to it based on the cute nautical themed packaging. Plus we're a sucker for anything Scandinavian themed. But at just $7 a pop this soap can't be beat. There is something refreshing about using a good o'l bar of soap after years of liquid variations. It feels wholesome and we like that. 

In other news, we're preparing for the arrival of a little baby girl in June which means stocking up on toys like Sophie the Giraffe. While many women adopt a strict healthy eating mentality while pregnant, we think it's necessary to indulge a little. As a result, nearly twenty boxes of Girl Scout Cookies were purchased by our team and all have already been devoured. Our favourite? The Samoa of course. Every year we buy a variety and every year we regret it. Next year, it's strictly the Somoa.

Having a little babe on the way has also put us into nesting mode. So, on an average afternoon you'll find us curled up on the couch tucking into a magazine. While we're a sucker for a good quarterly and readily support independent magazines, we can't help but give into the big players every now and again. Enter American Elle with its go-to advice on getting dressed and dreamy editorials. Currently we're swooning over the photos shot in a moody field with a model wearing an open back dress. Haven't spotted a maternity version just yet so may have to hold out for next year to recreate that look. 

Photos by Stephanie Bannon


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