Slow down. Reconnect. Take time to appreciate the beauty and depth that lie in the smallest details of the everyday. Simplify.

hey ENNUI is an online platform that brings people together through a collection of thoughts and visuals. We know that reality is not always as ideal as the image portrayed. Sometimes inspiration is lacking, motivation is ceasing, and difficulties persist. But don't give up. Embrace imperfection.

We seek to create honest content motivated by true interest.

Founded by Jennifer Inglis, the site is based in St. Louis but connects with a global readership. Born in California and raised in the Middle East, Jennifer studied politics at university in London before changing directions and pursuing a career in digital media consulting. She has worked with brands including eBay, Yahoo and American Express on their online strategy. Jennifer craves authenticity in a digital world that is increasingly homogenized. She hopes hey ENNUI will help bring genuine content to people seeking more than just a pretty picture.